We provide a complete range of dental services including;

Prophylaxis (dental cleanings), Oral Cancer Screening, Bleaching (teeth whitening), Sealants, Diagnostic x-rays, Scaling and Root Planing (gum treatment for periodontal disease), Oral hygiene instructions and follow-up re-care notifications.

Resin Composites (tooth-colored fillings): This restoration is mercury free and is used to repair your tooth when you have a cavity. Resin Composite is material that looks like your tooth and actually bonds to it. Because the material bonds to your tooth the chances of the tooth leaking and breaking are diminished.

Porcelain Procedures: Beautiful and exquisite porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, bridges and implant restorations. State-of- the-art Labs.

Laser Dentistry: Gum line Reshaping (A smile can be transformed from gummy to a normal, gorgeous smile with laser treatment)

Partial and complete dentures: Custom made dentures that look like real teeth, not dentures.

Sedation dentistry: With the use of Nitrous Oxide and a sedative pill, your dental treatment can be done while you rest comfortably.

Other Procedures: A host of other treatments are performed painlessly, like extractions, root canals, gum treatment, surgical removal of oral lesions, etc.
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