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Failure to take proper care of your teeth can lead to serious oral and overall health issues. Lack of good oral hygiene is the main contributing factor for people around the world who battle with common dental problems. The list of oral health concerns isn’t a short one, but we have reduced it to include the ones dentist see most often.


Bad breath, one of the most common dental problems experienced by adults, can be a very embarrassing problem to have. It can make personal and professional social setting a bit uncomfortable for you and anyone you talk to. Halitosis, the medical term for persistent bad breath, will often get you thinking twice before uttering a word in certain situations.

While it’s a common dental problem on its own, is a result of poor oral hygiene, the kinds of food you eat or fasting. Persistent bad breath can also be a symptom of some other serious dental or even other health issues. These other problems include cavities, gum disease, and diabetes.

Studies have shown that roughly 85 percent of people with halitosis have another dental health issue that is really to blame. This is why it is so important to visit your dentist annually for good oral health maintenance and bad oral health prevention.

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Mouth Sores

Many people experience sores around the mouth. In most cases, these sores resolve on their own within a week or two. You may have a serious problem if they persist for longer than two weeks.

There are different types of mouth sores, including cold sores (fever blisters) and canker sores. Cold sores are contagious blisters with fluid usually seen on the lips or under the nose, caused by the Herpes simplex virus (Type 1). Canker sores, on the other hand, commonly occur inside the mouth and are not contagious.

Over-the-counter medications can help relieve the symptoms of mouth sores.

Tooth Erosion

Another effect of poor oral care is tooth erosion. Tooth erosion refers to the gradual loss of the hard surface of the tooth known as enamel. This is arguably one of the most common dental problems, although most people won’t even know that it’s happening until its too late.. Tooth sensitivity and several other common oral health complaints are consequences of it.

Luckily, it is possible to prevent tooth erosion. There are treatments that your dentist may administer to effectively deal with it.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is considered the most ignored of the 7 common dental problems that can be seen in pediatric and adult patients. It is so common that experts say almost all adults will experience it at some point in their lives. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says about one in every four adults has untreated tooth decay.

Cavities typically result from improper care of your teeth, which leads to a build-up of plaque bacteria which causes enamel erosion and then tooth decay. Regular tooth brushing and flossing can help prevent tooth decay by reducing the number of bacteria that exist on teeth and gums.

Avoiding sugary food and drinks and going for dental checkups regularly is the best way to guard against cavities. Treatment options include fillings, crowns and root canals.

Gum Disease

There are two main types of gum disease. The first, or early form, is gingivitis. Gingivitis is characterized by swollen, red or bleeding gums and, sometimes, bad breath. Periodontitis is the more advanced form, which results when Gingivitis goes untreated.

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss among adults. The CDC reports that almost half of all adults in the United States have this dental problem – it is more common among persons older than 30 years. You will do well to keep gum disease from progressing to the periodontitis stage, when damage may no longer be reversible.

Apart from good personal care, regular dental visits can help guard against gum disease. Treatment options include scaling and root planing, if you already have it.

Tooth Sensitivity

Millions of individuals experience the discomfort of tooth sensitivity from time to time. This is typically an effect of tooth enamel erosion. It makes you feel pain or discomfort when eating something hot or cold or when consuming something sweet.

Getting in touch with your dentist for help is probably the best option when experiencing tooth sensitivity. It may be a sign of a serious problem, such as a tooth abscess.

Oral Cancer

It might seem out of place having oral cancer among most common dental problems. But this disorder is more common than many people realize, with an estimated 40,000 new diagnoses made each year. An oral cancer patient dies every hour in the U.S., according to The Oral Cancer Foundation. Symptoms include sores and lumps in or around the mouth.

However, unlike most other types of cancer, this condition is curable. Oral cancer is another reason to have more regular dental visits to enable early detection, which enhances full and rapid recovery.

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