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Gingivitis, also known as Gum Disease, is a condition caused by poor oral hygiene. If left untreated, gingivitis will eventually result in permanent tooth loss. In adults, this disease, as well as other periodontal diseases, are the most common forms of gum tissue complications.

How To Prevent Gingivitis

Preventing Gingivitis and periodontal disease is as easy as brushing, flossing and rinsing at least twice-daily to deter plaque buildup. This is the key to avoidance, simply by removing plaque, you will eliminate the possibility of it becoming a threat to gum health. Proper oral care is more than just taking care of the teeth. A good oral care routine includes caring for the whole mouth, including teeth and gums.

Signs & Symptoms Of Gingivitis

Simply stated, gingivitis is inflammation that develops in the gum tissue. This inflammation is caused by bacterial plaque and tartar buildup. This buildup causes the gums to become irritated, inflamed and visibly swollen in most cases. Your gums may also become very tender and bleed easily while brushing, even gentle brushing can cause bleeding. If you experience any of these symptoms you should consult a dental professional like Dr. Stout, an east Charlotte family dentist, for proper diagnosis and treatment.

For some people, bleeding will subside immediately after brushing. This may lead you to believe that the problem is not as serious as it seems, however it is. There is never any reasonable reason why gums should bleed easily with gentle brushing. The only reason for this is that there is an existing underlying issue that needs to be treated. Get help before the problem gets worse.

Progression To Periodontal Disease

The severity of your particular gingivitis case may not be extreme, but what it can lead to is much worse. Left untreated, gingivitis becomes periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can be at different levels of severity and affect gums, tooth structure, tissue, ligaments, and jawbone. Unfortunately, once gingivitis becomes periodontal disease the condition is irreversible.

Signs & Symptoms Of Periodontal Disease

The best way to prevent periodontal disease is to get treated early for Gingivitis. Once the periodontal disease progresses you’ll begin to notice that your gums are a bright red hue and extremely tender to touch. Tenderness and color are a result of an enormous amount of bacterial plaque buildup below the gum line. Here in lies the compromising of the teeth, when the bacteria begin to also eat away at the enamel and other layers of the tooth causing decay and tooth loss.

Diagnosis & Treatment

A diagnosis of Periodontal disease does not require visible plaque, although often there does exist a visible layer of plaque and/or tartar on the teeth. In order for a diagnosis to be made you will need to visit our east Charlotte dentist office for a thorough examination. During this exam, Dr. Stout will perform tests on both your teeth and gums to determine your diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with this condition we will work with you to stop the progression.

Periodontal disease and gingivitis have slow progressions, so if you are experiencing symptoms of either condition getting help before tooth loss is essential. Don’t wait until it is too late. Be proactive by adopting a proper twice-daily oral care routine and visiting the dentist once or twice per year for an examination.

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