Dental Problems

Dental Problems are common to any ages. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, you can suffer from any of these dental problems.


This is the most common dental problem in adult. Toothache itself may not be an issue; however, it indicates there is something unpleasant going on inside your mouth. Most of the time, the pain is associated with cavities or decayed tooth.

Sometimes the toothache indicates moderate to severe level infections. Thus, no matter how much pain you have in your teeth, see your dentist immediately.

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is damage in your tooth that does not extend like cavities. The decay can start from an injury, grinding, or accident. Sometimes, you can initiate decaying by wrongly using brush and floss. Too much sugary food and beverages are one of the most common causes of decay.

Tooth decay can be treated with filling and other non-invasive procedure. Talk to your dentist about the possible remedies.

Stained Teeth

Smile is great unless stained. Yes, nobody loves to see a stained smile. It not only cuts down your confidence but also degrades your personality. Multiple reasons can leave a stain on your enamel. Too much caffeine or smoking can turn your shiny teeth into brownish deposits.

Dental cleaning is the most effective way to remove the dental stain. You can have this treatment in any dentist or dental hygienist’s office. Using high-powered water jet, your stain can be removed and a smile can be back.


No matter what is your age, you can always have cavities. Lifestyle, eating habits, and some diseases are responsible for these cavities. Moreover, any damage can turn into cavities if it grows and progresses inwards to expose the core of a tooth.

Eating or drinking becomes extremely difficult with cavities. The exposed nerve endings of the tooth make the teeth super sensitive to heat and cold. Additionally, a cavity can turn into a highly damaged tooth.


Teeth infection is a very common problem among the adults. Bad oral hygiene is the most prominent cause of infections. If you do not brush or floss regularly, plaque will build upon the enamel and eventually decay the teeth. A decayed tooth is highly vulnerable to infections.

Moreover, any dental surgery can lead to infection if not treated properly. Gum Contouring and other invasive procedure expose the gums and teeth to infectious bacteria.

You need to maintain a balanced lifestyle, diet and proper dental hygiene to stay away from dental infections. Talk to your dentist if you fear any kind of infection in your mouth.

Dry Mouth

You will be surprised to know that your mouth may turn dry. It is the condition when your mouth is out of saliva. Medically the term for dry mouth is Xerostomia. It is not difficult to recognise the situation. You will have a hard time to swallow, let alone eating.

The primary issue with the dry mouth is it can affect your gum. Additionally, it will affect the teeth as the food will stay dry and you have to put the extra bite on them. These situations will lead to both damaged teeth and tore gum.

People with more than fifty years of age are the most vulnerable to dry mouth. Their natural saliva making process slows down that expedite the process. There is no direct cure of the dry mouth; however; you can take some medication to reduce the suffering.

Sensitive Teeth

If you feel both hot and cold on your teeth, your teeth are super sensitive. Causes like cavities, tooth decay, infections can be turning your tooth sensitivity. Taking care of those issues will resolve the painful tooth problem.

Most Common Dental Problems Affecting Adults | Dentist In Charlotte
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Dental problems are common issue that can affect everyone. Unlike children, adults can have some common dental problems. Know about those to treat them.
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