Dental Problems

Dental problems are common at any age. No matter whether you are a kid in infancy or an elder adult, you can suffer from an array of dental-related health problems. Here is a description of some of the most common problems that we see at our Charlotte dental practice.


Toothache is the most common dental problem in adults. In most cases, the toothache itself may not be the primary issue; however, it is the most noticeable. The problem may indicate there is serious going on in the mouth. Most often, the pain is associated with cavities or decayed tooth. The degree of the pain can signal the level of infection. 

Either way, no matter how much pain you have in your teeth, our family dentist in Charlotte will be happy to see you.

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is the deterioration of your teeth that may start as a small whole or cavity. The decay can also start from an injury, grinding, or accident. Sometimes, the decay process can begin if you are administer your oral care routine improperly.  Other contributors are too much sugary food and beverages. Tooth decay can be treated with filling and other non-invasive procedure. 

Stained Teeth

Discoloration and staining will ruin your smile and confidence. Foods and other factors like too much caffeine or smoking can turn your shiny teeth into brownish deposits. Professional dental cleaning is the most effective way to remove dental stains. For your convenience, we offer this service to new and existing patients. 


No matter your age, you can always develop cavities. Lifestyle, eating habits, and some diseases are responsible for contributing to the onset of this common dental issue. Even small damage to the teeth can contribute to cavities if it grows and progresses inwards to expose the core of a tooth. Cavities are a major nuisance that causes complications in eating or drinking.  The exposed nerve endings of the tooth make the teeth super sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. 


Teeth infection is a very common problem among adults. Bad oral hygiene is the most prominent cause of infections. If you do not brush or floss regularly, plaque will build up on the enamel and eventually begin to cause tooth erosion. A decayed tooth is highly vulnerable to infections. Moreover, even dental surgery can lead to infection if not treated properly. Gum Contouring and other invasive procedure expose the gums and teeth to infectious bacteria, this is why following the aftercare procedure for these treatments is so important.

Dry Mouth

You will be surprised to know that dry mouth is common among adults. Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a condition that arises when the salivary glands fail to propely produce enough saliva. Since this is a problem that can have many side effects it is impossible to ignore. You may experience symptoms like difficulty swallowing and bad breath.

Most Common Dental Problems Affecting Adults | Dentist In Charlotte
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Most Common Dental Problems Affecting Adults | Dentist In Charlotte
Dental problems are common issue that can affect everyone. Unlike children, adults can have some common dental problems. Know about those to treat them.
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