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Your child’s long-term oral health is our #1 priority, from birth to adulthood! Dr. Michael Stout has been providing adult and pediatric dental services to families in Charlotte, NC for over 30 years. It is our pleasure to work with families who have been visiting us for dental care since their own childhood and are now visiting us for treatment for their own children. We understand the importance of creating an atmosphere and experience that you and your children will find to be most exceptional.

Baby’s First Appointment

We offer oral healthcare support that starts in infancy when parents notice the first tooth eruption. Scheduling your infants appointment at the first sight of tooth eruption will allow you to be proactive at preventing cavities and many other issues. One of the most common issues in childhood is cavities, and even tooth decay due to improper care. This first visit is your time to learn about how to care for your child’s baby teeth because the health of gums and teeth at this age will affect oral health in adulthood. 

New Patient Appointment

We are delighted to see pediatric patients of all ages. Whether it’s their first appointment or if you are looking to find a new dentist for your little one. Here is a list of Services that we offer:

Comprehensive Annual Exam:

Your child’s annual trip to the dentist is for the purpose of preventative care. Dr. Stout will conduct a thorough exam of the teeth, gums, and jaw. An annual exam is the best way to identify current dental issues and to get advice about how to prevent other youth-related dental issues. 

Teeth Cleaning

Does your child brush every day? Twice a day? Well, even if the answer is yes, an annual teeth cleaning is still recommended. The teeth cleaning process will allow the clinician to use hand instruments to gently remove calculus from hard to reach places. Even if your child has a good oral hygiene routine it is suggested that you bring them in at least once a year to have professional teeth cleaning.

Braces & Aligners

If you have a child that is experiencing some tooth/teeth misalignment, we can help to improve not only their smile but also their confidence. For some children, the permanent teeth may erupt through the gumline at the wrong angle or even erupt in a way that leaves space between the teeth. Traditional braces or aligners might be the perfect solution to help give your child a better-looking smile.

Oral Hygiene Instructions & Education

With every appointment at our East Charlotte dentist office some personalized instructions and education. We are dedicated to not only treating you with the best care but also ensuring that you go home with proper aftercare instructions. 

Composite Fillings (Tooth-Colored FIllings)

Need a filling? We’ve got options. Along with the traditional silver filling material that is commonly used to protect the teeth from further cavity development, we also administer treatment for tooth-colored fillings. Tooth colored filling material works just like the silver Amalgam filling material. This option, however, comes with a better, more discreet appearance.

Dental Caps & Crowns

A dental crown, also known as a cap, can be placed over a baby tooth or permanent tooth in order to help save the tooth from further decay. In children who have yet to develop permanent teeth, a dental cap can help preserve a tooth in place. The loss of baby teeth due to decay can compromise the health of permanent teeth that erupt in the same place.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers for our pediatric dentistry patients may be necessary if the child suffers a tooth loss due to both injury or natural causes. The purpose of a space maintainer is to allow permanent teeth to come in in the right place within the oral cavity in order to prevent misalignment and crowded teeth.

Tooth Repair & Extractions

Accidents happen and sometimes even infections develop that require treatment by removal or treatment by tooth repair. Either way, we’ve got you covered. We offer tooth repair & extraction service that will have your child treated and healed in no time! 

If there are any services that you don’t see listed here and you’d like to know if we offer, please feel free to reach out for a conversation about new services and the best treatment plan for your child.



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Pediatric Dentistry in East Charlotte
Pediatric Dentistry in East Charlotte
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Your child’s long-term oral health is our #1 priority, from birth to adulthood! Dr. Michael Stout has been providing dentistry services to families in Charlotte, NC for over 30 years. It is his and our pleasure, as his dedicated staff, to work with