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The best way to improve your smile is to take care of your teeth. An ancient Indian proverb says “you won’t realize the importance of a thing until it’s gone”. We don’t want to lose our impressive smile or any teeth. Therefore, let’s concentrate on how to improve your smile while taking care of the teeth and gums.

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the greatest threats to your oral health. Along with your gums, muscle lining, and mucous membrane, it can destroy the teeth enamel and make your teeth brown.

You may not see the damage immediately, but the more you smoke, the more stained your teeth will become. Additionally, smoking can also cause skin discoloration, causing it to turn pale. This pale discoloration will surely compound your yellow tinted smile.

Talk to your doctor about ways to reduce and eventually stop smoking for the sake of saving your teeth. The return will be a thousand times better for your smile.

2. See your Dentist Regularly

We all need regular dental treatment. Therefore, it is essential to see Dr. Stout, a family dentist in Charlotte NC, at least once every year. Each visit will provide you with an opportunity to have a dental exam and maybe even teeth whitening to brighten your smile.  

Dr. Sout will be the best person to talk about any oral hygiene and dental issues. Visits to our dentist office in Charlotte’s Elizabeth neighborhood, close to Plaza Midwood and Uptown Charlotte, our dental staff will administer preventative measure to lower the risk of future dental problems. Thus, you will always keep smiling, firstly for the great teeth and secondly for the vast savings.   

Dental procedures like a root canal or dental implant may be costly. However, regular checkups are affordable and most often covered by your insurance. A routine checkup is enough to improve your smile and maintain the overall health of your mouth and gums. 

3. Brush at least Twice a Day

Twice daily brushing is probably the easiest, but most effective way to improve your smile. Regular brushing removes the plaque build-up and also tartar. Both of these contain millions of bacteria that can damage the enamel and ruin your smile.  Therefore, try to brush regularly for at least 2 minutes. Make sure you use a soft and flexible brush, so that it can reach every nook and corners of your mouth. For best results, use whitening toothpaste and floss before brushing. 

4. Apply Whitening strips to Improve Your Smile

Teeth whitening products like strips, whitening toothpaste, and bleaches help to remove stains and improve your smile. You can quickly get these whitening products from your nearby pharmacy. Use the tray that comes with the whitening kits and fill it with the whitener. Cover the front of the teeth with the loaded tray and wait for a few minutes. Each session will help to reduce discoloration. 

You may be interestedin doing the entire whitening process in the dentist’s office. This option is much more durable, dafe and provides better results than any at-home teeth whitening products.

5. If required, use braces 

Braces are one of the best remedies for misaligned teeth. They are much more affordable than most people know, and most insurance companies may cover it. If you have uneven teeth, that will inevitably affect your smile. Thus, if your dentist recommends braces to improve your smile, you should go for it. 

Nowadays, braces can be invisible too. If you are conscious about wearing braces, check whether you can wear invisible braces. It will save you from uneasiness each time you open your mouth to smile.

5 Best Ways To Improve Your Smile | Dentist In Charlotte - Elizabeth
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