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One of the most commonly experienced dental problems amongst 20 – 64-year-olds is the loss of a tooth. Whether the loss is due to dental extraction, like wisdom teeth removal, tooth decay or injury the average adult will likely lose 7 permanent teeth throughout their lifetime. The best way to avoid permanent tooth loss is to preventative dental care by implementing a proper oral care routine. Annual checkups are one of the most important parts of an oral care routine.

An accidental injury is unavoidable, however, tooth decay and dental extraction as a result of neglect are simply unnecessary expenses.

Neglecting your oral health can cause more than just tooth loss, it can cost you money. It is a pain on your wallet to have to undergo unexpected restorative dental care. Ignoring the physical pain associated with poor oral care will eventually force you to spend the money when you least expect it. The cost factor alone is a great reason to practice preventative care and see Dr.Stout at our Eastover Dental Practice in Charlotte NC to care for your teeth.

What happens when pain forces you into the dentist office?

Well, if you are financially unprepared you may have to opt-in to see a practitioner at a community local clinic just to save money. Community dental clinics are not the best place to resolve complex dental issues due to the lack of experience the dental interns may have. Lack of experience will definitely affect your quality of care.

If you do have dental insurance, out of pocket expenses could add up quickly if there is extensive damage. Gingivitis and other conditions can lead to other health-related issues so waiting around to deal with the problem can not only affect oral health but also overall health.

Let’s look at some of the ways that tooth loss can affect you in your professional and personal life:

Long-term corrective care cost

As stated above, eventually you’ll have to deal with your oral health issues. When you visit the dentist the last thing you will want to receive is a laundry list of concerns. Simply because each concern may come with a hefty price tag to correct. For example, the wearing of dental prosthetics like dentures is, in most cases a direct result of neglect, can be a bit pricey.

Tip #1 

Create a daily oral care plan and stick to it. The dental patient education section of our website provides tips about how to improve your oral care routine. Feel free to browse so that you are well informed.

Address issues as soon as they become a problem. If your dentist doesn’t have available appointments find an emergency dentist in your area to deal with dental emergencies. Unfortunately, not all emergency dental practices accept major insurance plans. These types of practices often offer payment plans. Also, you could always submit your charges to your insurance company for reimbursement if allowed.

Other Health Related Issues

Oral Health in America”, a report published by the National Institute of Health has linked periodontitis to diabetes. These two diseases are linked because PD directly affects your ability to control your blood sugar.

Tip #2 

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it’s imperative that your physician discuss how this disease could affect oral health. If you don’t currently have a primary dentist, this is a great time to find one to discuss the oral health side of the disease. A clinician you see routinely is your best advocate and instructor for your dental care because he/she will have a comprehensive understanding of your dental history.

Until you can get into a dental practice for an appointment you should pay close attention to your blood sugar level and adhere to any medication regimen prescribed, avoid smoking, clean dentures daily, and schedule an in-office dentist’s appointment ASAP.

Your Work Environment

We’d all like to believe that there is no judgment in the workplace when it comes to appearance. This may be true for some companies but it is not true for all. Untidy, missing and poorly maintained teeth and/or total appearance can cost you your job at some companies. Companies that have a corporate company culture that includes polished employees may overlook you for promotions or even a job opportunity at all.

Tip #3

Bad breath is often an issue that is noticeable in the workplace. If you have persistent bad breath you should take care to pack a toothbrush, a low sugar chewing gum, and drink lots of water. For those who have plaque build up as well, getting professional teeth cleaning should remedy this issue.

It can be frustrating dealing with the cost of dental care. You may not have the time or even the money to address the issues but ignoring them will only cost you more.

To receive free or inexpensive care try applying for a dental savings plan, sign up for the dental plans offered by your employer, or check with your government run agencies to apply for services like Medicaid and Medicare. These options should improve your ability to gain access to quality dental care.

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Tooth Pain, Periodontal Disease and More As A Result Of Neglect
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Tooth Pain, Periodontal Disease and More As A Result Of Neglect
One of the most commonly experienced dental problems amongst 20 - 64-year-olds is the loss of a tooth.
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